Five Tips for a Healthy Summer Smile


Summer is officially here and with more traveling and fun in the sun, dental care can often be put on the back burner. Preventative care is the most crucial part of keeping your smile healthy, thus it should always be a priority- no matter how hectic things get. This summer, take into consideration these helpful tips to ensure your dental health is taken care of this season.

Keep Up with Your Dental Routine

The most basic, yet most important tip is to stick to your dental routine. Summer can be busy and filled with fun, but remembering to brush your teeth every morning and evening and flossing once daily will keep your smile as healthy as possible. 

Use a Straw

Yummy, fruity drinks are often a summer staple; however, these sugary beverages can wreak havoc on your teeth. While you don’t need to completely cut them out, using a straw can help limit contact with your teeth which reduces damage. 

Avoid Chewing on Ice

While it may be tempting to chew on ice on a hot summer day, doing so can lead to serious dental damage like cracked or chipped teeth. Even if you don’t experience damage to this degree, you also can damage your enamel, causing increased sensitivity to hot and cold and leaving you more prone to tooth decay and cavities.

Apply Chapstick with SPF

The lips are frequently forgotten about when it comes to sun protection. Just like any part of your skin, your lips are susceptible to burning from the sun’s UV rays. Be sure to apply chapstick with SPF whenever you go out in the sun. This can help protect your lips and lower your risk of oral cancer.

Stay Hydrated 

During the summer months, you are more prone to dehydration. Not only does this put you at a risk for serious health concerns, but it also causes dry mouth. This condition reduces the amount of saliva in your mouth, which, ultimately limits your mouth’s ability to remove plaque and bacteria. With this extra buildup, your chances of tooth decay and gum disease increase greatly.

The Beall Dental Center team is here for you this summer. Let us help keep your smile healthy and bright- Schedule an appointment today!

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