Healthy Nutrition for a Healthy Smile

Healthy Nutrition for a Healthy Smile

Poor nutrition affects nearly every aspect of your health, including your smile. Your mouth needs the right amount and type of nutrients to maintain good oral health. Practicing healthy eating patterns and choosing the right foods can help prevent dental erosion and cavities. Here are some of the best foods that promote a healthy smile!

Dairy Products

Certain dairy products like cheese and yogurt are high in calcium and protein, which help strengthen your teeth and your enamel’s defense. Cheese can also balance the pH level in your mouth, which means less harmful acid, more cleansing saliva and fewer cavities.

Pro-tip: Be sure to get unsweetened or sugar-free yogurt.


Incorporating a variety of vegetables into your diet is always recommended. To provide additional dental benefits, we recommend a diet full of carrots, celery and some leafy greens.

Carrots act as a cavity-fighting vegetable, as munching on this crunchy, raw veggie acts as a natural toothbrush. The chewing action massages your gums, and this bright vegetable is high in plaque-attacking keratin as well as Vitamin A, which is crucial for strengthening delicate tooth enamel.

Celery is another vegetable that helps clean your teeth and massages your gums while chewing, during this process it will also produce plenty of saliva that neutralizes harmful bacteria.

Leafy greens such as spinach, chard, or collard greens are full of vitamins and minerals that can help build enamel and reduce gum inflammation.


Fresh fruit can provide your teeth and gums with much-needed vitamins and minerals. We recommend eating pears, apples and strawberries!

Pears are packed full of vitamin C and are less acidic compared to other fruits that are also rich in vitamin C, like lemons and limes. This makes pears considerably less likely to damage tooth enamel. They also help reduce the acidity of plaque, which can help prevent tooth decay.

Apples contain natural sugars that can help neutralize harmful acids in the mouth. Chewing apples also provides a good mouth workout for saliva production, and they’re packed with vitamins to keep your gums healthy.

Kiwi contains an extremely high amount of vitamin C which helps prevent the breakdown of collagen in the gums. This fruit is also packed with fiber and calcium, making it beneficial for your enamel.

Incorporating these foods into your daily meals can help keep your smile and gums in tip-top shape. Focusing on other healthy habits like limiting sugary snacks and drinks are also excellent ways to prevent tooth decay.

Along with incorporating these dental-friendly foods into your diet, be sure to also visit Beall Dental Center every six months. Give us a call to schedule an appointment!

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