Tips for a Healthy Smile This Fall


Between the fall-themed treats, sports and holidays, this season can easily take a toll on your smile. Stay on top of your dental health during these months with these helpful tips!

Keep the Sweet Tooth at Bay

From pumpkin spiced lattes to caramel apples and hazelnut pecan pie, autumn is filled with yummy but very sugary sweets. While these delicious treats do not have to be completely cut out of your diet, we recommend keeping them limited. If you’re looking for some healthy alternatives, try sprinkling cinnamon on apples and roast them or make a bowl of pumpkin soup!

When Halloween rolls around, you’ll want to be sure to keep the candy intake to a minimum. This can be hard to do during this sweet-filled season, but consuming this sugar leads to bacteria in your mouth which can cause cavities if not properly taken care of.

Pro tip: select a time to dig into the sweets and then afterward, rinse with mouthwash or water to remove any leftover sugar. 

Use Proper Protection on the Field

Mouthguards are important in any sport where there is a chance of impact. This piece of safety equipment helps protect the teeth, lips and tongue. When it’s time to hit the field for a game or practice this fall, be sure to grab a mouthguard!

Continue Practicing Good Oral Hygiene

Fall getaways, hectic sports schedules, trips to see the family during the holidays and everything in between can leave room to neglect dental care. While it can be easy to skip brushing or flossing here and there, it is important to keep up the habit of brushing twice daily and flossing at least once daily. Doing so is even more important when an increase of sweets is consumed. In addition to this at-home care, visits to the dentist every six months is necessary to keep your teeth as healthy as possible.

Be sure to schedule your fall dental cleaning at Beall Dental Center!

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